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Frequently Asked Questions
  • Q. Please tell me how to stack Cotswold stones using the dry stone walling method.
  • Q.What is dry stone walling?
    A.It is a technique for constructing a dry stone wall (empty masonry). A dry stone wall is one that is built using only stone, without the use of mortar or concrete. A solidly constructed drystone wall can be as strong as a mortared masonry wall in some environments, yet flexible enough to adapt to its environment. No concrete foundation or mortar filling. It is durable, flexible, and requires minimal maintenance to keep costs down depending on where you install it. The walls themselves are highly permeable, and follow the movement of the ground to create biodiversity. It can be said that it can be recycled and can be used forever even if it returns to the soil. In 2018. France, Greece, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Switzerland, Spain and other countries have included dry stone walling techniques on UNESCO's Intangible Cultural Heritage list.
  • Q.What is the British Dry Stone Walling Association?
    A. The Drystone Waring Association of Great Britain (DSWA) was established in 1968 and is a registered charity working to promote education in the art and heritage of drystone walling for the common good. DSWA has been recognized for its activities since its establishment and has grown into a national organization in the UK. Our national office is in Cumbria and we have 18 offices across the UK. Drystone walls have been part of the British landscape for thousands of years. DSWA is the only organization in the country dedicated to preserving this rich history.
  • Q.Are there Dry Stone Walling Associations in countries other than the UK?
    A.Yes Dry Stone Walling Association of Great Britain (United Kingdom) Web Dry Stone Walling Across Canada (Canada) Web Dry Stone Walls Association of Australia (Australia) Web The Dry Stone Wall Association of Ireland (Ireland) Web The STONE Trust (USA) Web The Drystone Conservancy, USA (USA) Web etc.In addition to the British Masonry Association, to which I am a member,We are working on succession and education of dry stone walling technology. Dry stone waring training.
  • Q.Please tell me about Cotswold Stone.
  • Q.Is it possible to stack Cotswold stones by DIY?
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